Hospice Care

Compassionate care for patients with life-limiting illnesses who choose comfort over curative measures.  


The staff of Clarity Hospice strives to meet patients' physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs as well as the needs of their families. Their major focus is pain control and symptom management, with 24-hour availability of the hospice team of nurses, aides, chaplains, social workers, volunteer and bereavement coordinators, and medical directors. Hospice exists to provide support and care for persons in the last phases of incurable illnesses so that they may live as comfortably as possible. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death. Hospice exists to provide a community of caring and support so that patients and families may be free to attain a degree of mental and spiritual preparation for death that is compassionate and satisfactory to them.

Hospice Services

Clarity Hospice was established to provide home care or in-patient facility care for terminally ill patients. Our care is focused on patient comfort and symptom management.


Routine Care:

Care received in patient’s homes, nursing facilities, residential or assisted living facilities.

Continuous Home Care:

During a crisis, this level of care places a nurse or hospice staff member in a patient residence continously for a short period of time.

General Inpatient Care:

Inpatient care in a facility for pain control or acute or chronic symptom management that can’t be managed at home.

Inpatient Respite Care:

Allows patients to spend up to five days in a nursing home or hospital to relive the family for a short period of time. This level must be arranged by Clarity Hospice.


Medical care is provided by the patients’ attending physician.

We provide all necessary nursing services including social work, volunteers and pastoral care.

Therapies by physicians are included with hospice care services.

Nurses are on call 24 hours a day, and we also provide certified nursing assistants when needed.

Payments for durable medical equipment, supplies, drugs, and biologicals related to the terminal illness are part of the hospice care.

If a patient does not have medicare, medicaid, or private insurance, Clarity Hospice will take responsibility for that patients’ terminal illness needs.



The Crossing at Clarity Hospice is Baton Rouge's newest inpatient hospice facility, focused on providing palliative care for your loved one.  While every effort is made to keep your loved one at home, sometimes they may require more specialized care. The Crossing is often used to prevent patients from being hospitalized yet gives them the opportunity to receive the higher level of care needed to ensure comfort, dignity, and symptom management.


The  Crossing at Clarity Hospice has 16 spacious private rooms each with attached pivate bathrooms and a flat screen TV for in-room entertainment. Our facility also has a large kitchen and cafe area for in-facility dining and a dedicated play area for children. There are also multiple family gathering spaces which allows for more space for visitors as well as a non-demoninational chapel for families to spend quiet spiritual time. The facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hospice care is also covered by Medicare and most private insurance policies. Contact us below to schedule a time to visit and take a tour of our facility.


Contact us here to learn more about hospice care and whether it may be right for you or your loved one. The survey included is optional and helps us gain more insight into your current situation. Once submitted, one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss further.

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